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10 best beaches on Curacao

Curacao is well-known for its breathtaking beaches. Visitors of the island enjoy staring at the amazing azure blue waters of the Caribbean Sea or weaving their fingers through the warm white sand. Therefore we have made a list with the 10 most spectacular beaches Curacao has to offer according to us. These beaches are a must-see for every person visiting the island.


1. Cas Abou Beach

Cas Abou, seen as the best beach of Curacao by many. Cas Abou Beach is a tropical paradise that enchants visitors with its palm-fringed shores, shallow turquoise waters, and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Lounge under a beach umbrella and let the worries drift away. Cas Abou has onsite parking, a beach bar with cold drinks, snacks and simple lunches and free Wifi.

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Cas Abou Beach, one of the 10 best beaches on Curacao.

2. Playa Porto Marie

Porto Mari, is also very well-known as the ‘pig’ beach. A paradise for nature lovers, Playa Porto Marie offers not only pristine sands and azure waters but also lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Explore the underwater world, go hiking, or simply relax on the inviting beach.


3. Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach combines natural beauty with modern amenities. Enjoy a range of water sports, including kayaking and paddleboarding, or unwind on the soft sands while admiring the vibrant hues of the Caribbean Sea.

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4. Grote Knip

Grote Knip, also known as Playa Kenepi, entices with its postcard-perfect scenery. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear turquoise waters and sink your toes into the soft white sand, all while framed by dramatic cliffs.Grote Knip is probably the most famous beach on the western part of the island. The beach has a gorgeous view, plenty of shade, sunbeds and various amenities. You also have the chance to spot some amazing sealife.


5. Playa Grandi

Nestled in the serene Westpunt region of Curacao, Playa Grandi, also known as Playa Piskado or the fisherman’s beach, may not boast exquisite beauty, but its allure lies in the constant presence of graceful sea turtles. A popular haven for nature enthusiasts and underwater adventurers.

do you want to spot turtles and see how local fishermen prepare the freshly caught fish? Then visit Playa Grandi. One of the most beautiful beaches in Curacao.

6. Boca Sami

Boca Sami is located in Sint Michiel, just 5 minutes drive from Bayside Boutique Hotel. Boca Sami is a beautiful and unspoilt beach that’s home to soft sands and a fishing pier. Along the beachfront, you’ll find two restaurants with breahttaking views.
Just 1 kilometer from Bayside Boutique Hotel you can find the local town ' Boca Sami '.

7. Daaibooi

Daaibooi Beach beckons with its calm, azure waters and abundant marine life. Snorkel through the beautiful coral reefs or simply relax on the tranquil shore, surrounded by the natural beauty of Curacao. Daaibooi is a vibrant place where families and friends gather on Sundays to celebrate the weekend. The beach hums with joyful chatter as barbecues sizzle in the background. Quench your thirst at the beachbar, offering refreshing drinks and snacks.

8. Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun captivates with its rugged beauty and clear waters teeming with marine life. Snorkel or dive to discover colorful coral formations and encounter schools of tropical fish.
With a deep bay nestled between towering rocks, Playa Lagun offers a distinctive setting. Rent beach beds for 7 guilders and find shade under a large tree. Enjoy snacks, drinks, and restroom facilities at the two beachside restaurants, one of which offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

Playa Lagun Curacao - One of the best beaches on Curacao.

9. Kokomo Beach

Nestled in a secluded bay, Kokomo Beach boasts a serene and laid-back atmosphere. Bask in the sun, unwind with a refreshing cocktail, and marvel at the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Kokomo Beach is a haven for beach lovers. Its restaurant offers daily lunch service, accompanied by breathtaking views of the azure ocean. Sundays are extra special with “Family Sunday”, featuring a DJ, happy hour, and live music from 5 pm onwards. 

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Kokomo is the perfect place for beach lovers. Discover this beautiful beach on Curacao

10. Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach offers the perfect blend of beach relaxation and vibrant entertainment. Lounge on the pristine sands, take a dip in the turquoise waters, and indulge in beachfront dining and exciting water sports. Experience the unrivaled beauty of Curaçao’s beaches and let their charm wash over you. Whether you seek adventure, tranquility, or vibrant entertainment, Curaçao’s best beaches offer something for every beach lover’s heart’s desire. Plan your visit and create memories that will last a lifetime on these exquisite shores.

In conclusion, Curacao’s stunning beaches offer an idyllic tropical escape. To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the island’s top beaches, consider booking a room at Bayside Boutique Hotel, nestled within the gated Blue Bay Resort. With its convenient location, guests can enjoy easy access to Curacao’s best beaches, allowing for endless days of sun, sand, and relaxation. Whether you seek tranquility, water sports, or breathtaking views, Bayside Boutique Hotel offers a perfect base for an unforgettable beach getaway in Curacao.

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