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Experience the local food of Curacao

If you want to experience the true essence of Curacao, you must indulge in the local cuisine. The island has a diverse range of flavors and spices that blend to create an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Here are 10 restaurants you must visit to try authentic local food on Curacao.

1. De Visserij

If you want to taste the freshest fish on the island, ‘De Visserij‘ is the place to be. The fish is so fresh that they run out quickly, so it’s better to be on time, because it’s not possible to make a reservation. The concept is very simple: when you enter, you can choose how much of which fish you want, you get a number and you get take a seat. When it’s ready, it’s brought to your table in baskets. It’s a simple, cozy restaurant and the fish is delicious, we especially love the seared tuna and the shrimp!

Address: Pirate Bay Piscadera, Willemstad, Curacao
Opening hours: Friday till Monday: 12 PM – 9 PM

2. Plasa Bieu

If there’s a place where more locals than tourists can be found, it’s definitely at Plasa Bieu. This is a food court with several food stands. Located in the heart of Willemstad, it’s perfect to combine with a day of sightseeing in the capital of Curacao. Try a ‘Sopi di karni’ (beef soup), a ‘Stoba Kabritu’ (goat stew), or ‘Bakijou’ (codfish). Or venture yourself to try a slimy soup like ‘Kadushi’ (cactus), or ‘Jambo’ (okra) – if you dare. A favorite among many is the ‘Repa di Pammpun (pumpkin pancakes).

Address: De Ruyterkade Willemstad, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM, Sunday: 11 AM – 2 PM

3. Shelterrock Paradise

On our island you can not only experience drinking out a coconut, but also eating! Every Friday Shelterrock Paradise prepares their food in a traditional way by cooking in fresh coconuts on hot coals for hours. Starting from 7 PM you are able to enjoy the buffet. Or join their weekly Happy Hour(s) every Wednesday from 6 PM – 8 PM. Located on top of a mountain, this restaurant doesn’t only offer you amazing local food but also the best views.

Address: Flip 17, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday (times differ)

4. Kas di Piskado Purunchi

This fish restaurant, run by a Curaçao family is located behind the water factory in Otrobanda. Here the fresh fish is transferred directly to the kitchen staff. You walk in through Purunchi’s kitchen where the chefs are already busy preparing your fresh fish. After this you will enter a authentic and small-scale restaurant area with four or five tables. Take a seat and order the fish that was caught the same day. Besides the various fish, they also make local lemonades such as Awa di Lamunchi. Fisherman’s House Purunchi is only open for lunch and you are sure to leave with a fantastic Curaçao experience.

Address: John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Willemstad Curacao
Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday: 12 PM – 4 PM

5. Jaanchies Restaurant

If you are heading to Westpunt for hiking, swimming, or climbing the Christoffelberg, Jaanchies Restaurant is a must-visit. The restaurant is the oldest on the island and does not have a menu. Mr. Jaanchie himself will tell you about the fresh options available, and you can try local dishes such as goat stew, red snapper, and even iguana. Everything that comes from his kitchen is made with vitamin L: 100% Love.

Address: Westpunt, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM

Restaurant Jaanchies - local restaurant at Blue Bay Curacao

6. Komedor Krioyo/Landhuis Dokterstuin

Komedor Krioyo means ‘the local dining room’. At this restaurant, you are surrounded by nature and hear the birds singing around you. It is located at the country house named ‘Dokterstuin’, which is why they are also known by this name. This restaurant offers more than food. When entering the restaurant, you’ll see a small exhibition of objects used by slaves that used to work in this country house. That’s why we highly recommend visiting this historical location. You will not just be eating there, but also be taught about local history.

Address: Weg naar Westpunt (Barber), Curacao
Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday: 9 AM – 4 PM

7. 100% Batidos

If you are exploring Punda and want to try something refreshing, Batidos is the perfect place for you. The smoothies are made with fresh fruits and only prepared after you place your order. Often the drinks are prepared with milk and sugar, but they will always ask how yuo want your batido prepared!  The pastechi and johnny cake are also worth trying. You will find several placed where they sell Batidos.

Address: Old Market, De Ruyterkade, Punda Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

8. Koki Riba Bloki

When it comes to ordering food from a food truck in Curaçao, ‘Galiña ku batata’ (grilled chicken and fries) are the three magic words you need to know. There are several food trucks, or ‘Truk’i pan’ as locals refer to them, that serve up delectable grilled meals, including grilled chicken and beef. However, Kòki Riba Blòki stands out as one of the most popular Truck di pans among locals, offering some of the most delicious grilled meals.

Address: St. Rosaweg, Willemstad, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Saturday: 9 PM – 4 AM

9. Brisa do Mar/Pop’s Place

Brisa do Mar, also known as Pop’s Place, is a vibrant beachfront eatery in Curacao that offers an authentic taste of local cuisine. Nestled on the picturesque Caracas Bay, the restaurant boasts a variety of mouth-watering dishes, including sautéed codfish, whole red snapper, and conch that are expertly prepared using the local krioyo (Antillean Creole) method. While the restaurant is open all day, the ideal time to visit is just before sunset, as you can relish your meal while admiring the breathtaking views of the sunset.

Address: Caracasbaaiweg, Jan Thiel, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday: 8 AM – 11 PM

10. Bayside Restaurant

Do you prefer a mix of the international and local cuisine? Bayside serves comfort food from all over world. Such as a juicy burger, an authentic pasta Alfredo or the delicious Karni Stoba (beef stew).

Address: BP-04, Blue Bay Resort, Willemstad, Curacao
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday 7 AM – 10 PM


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